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Maelstrom Leadership
Maelstrom is the result of a merger of three different guilds - The Forge, Divinity and Horizons. 
  LEADER: Wolvenmyst (Riffraff, Nightmyst, Soulsplitter, Drakenmyst, Starbreaker)
Former raid leader and guild leader from Divinity. Between howls, Wolven is the quiet voice of reason in our leadership. He is responsible for the occasional "Pacify".
  LEADER: Ziedas (Varrua, Vahlora, Druen, Zsadist)
To most, known simply as Z, Ziedas is former guild and raid leader from Divinity. Her straight shooting demeanor & organizational skills are invaluable to Maelstrom!
Maelstrom Officers
Like any army, the vital blood of Maelstrom is its soldiers. The best of these are our Officers, and they are just as important as our Generals, we have many good people helping the guild in various vital roles. :
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WOOT! We did it again!

Zoriandrea, Sep 2, 13 12:18 PM.
Congratulations Maelstrom and Alliance on killing Thoth-Amon again. It was a close one but in the end Thoth died and we lived, and that's all that counts. It was great getting him down for the seond time in 2 weeks. I can't say we have him on farm yet, but we are on our way.

Thoth-Amon is dead.

Zoriandrea, Aug 27, 13 1:56 AM.
With a little help from our friends from Immortal Souls, Sinister Knights, 13th Legion and a few others, Thoth-Amon finally died. It's been a long time coming but it's nice to finally kill him. Our usual photographer wasn't there, so it's not the greatest picture and duh, I forgot to turn on all the names to see who helped out. Next time we'll get a good picture with everybody's names. In attendance at his death were: Wrongfu, Tatankator, Elizabethe, Machavana, Zorruna, Hayday, Korgull, Goldiloxx, Osotalon, Instagator, Isiadeen, Alains, Szan, Leiya, Jolinaxas, Meeshie, Shocktulla, Aribethh, Demoney, Chacha, Canack, Sashta, Marasa and (last but not least) Sadark. Hopefully we'll have him on farm soon so we can move on to T4. Thanks for all your hard work.

Keeper of the Artifacts/Hollow Knight

WolvenmystAoC, Feb 25, 13 2:04 PM.
Scratch another notch in the raid progression bedpost! Last night Maelstrom, The Alliance and a few good friends won a hard fought battle against The Hollow Knight and his puny minion, The Keeper of the Artifacts. Next victim: Thoth Amon himself.  We're all really looking forward to that fight.  Good job everyone and way to stay focused.

Look closely behind the gang... see his corpse? That's what is waiting for Thoth Amon!

Takedown Screenshots Found!

WolvenmystAoC, Jan 15, 13 8:36 PM.
Well, Wolven FINALLY located the screenshots of the latest T3 boss take-downs that weren't restored when Guild Portal's database was restored a couple of weeks ago.  Unfortunately, he didn't have the commentary as he writes them on the fly, but at least he found the group shots of the kills.  Thanks to everyone who helps out to those who have shown the gumption during some trying times.and stuck with it. I know we're looking forward to progressing through our progressive progressions progressively.

Master Gyas killed 12/23/2012

and in the Upper Level, The Favored of Louhi is downed 12/30/2012

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